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About Us

All are welcome at The Brick House Gardens and Nursery to come and enjoy a tranquil garden escape. Shop, Explore, Learn, Be Inspired, Connect with Nature and Loved ones, and enjoy a unique experience in the pastoral countryside.

Family Owned and Oriented

We are a family-owned and operated Retail Nursery, Gift Shop, Event Venue, and Vacation Destination.

Mitch, Julie, and their daughter Emma began working to create The Brick House Gardens & Nursery in the summer of 2021.


The grounds have been in the family for years; Emma and Alec (and long before them Mitch) grew up playing and riding horses in the surrounding landscape. The opportunity for a new venture together arose and The Brick House Gardens & Nursery was born. 


We are located at the mouth of the beautiful Manastash Canyon. Pastures, creeks, old-growth trees, wildlife, and stunning views surround us and create a haven of peace and serenity within our grounds.  

The Brick House Gardens and Nursery are designed to welcome guests into an oasis of nature and calm.


We aim to facilitate creativity, hospitality, and a connection through our show gardens, curated products, and peaceful guest cabins. 

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Our History

The Historic 1911 Brick House and Diamond Ring Guest Ranch. 

The Brick House which is now the home of our gift shop was built back in 1911. The home retains many of its original features today and is the inspiration for our name. The history of who built the home is somewhat unknown beyond the name Minnie A. Zehner which was stamped on the old front steps. 

In later years, the property belonged to Frida Olds. Frida, a notorious character in the valley, hosted informal rodeos, ran horses and cattle, and hosted events among other activities to keep the property going. For a time the grounds were a working guest ranch with cabins, a restaurant, and somewhat luxurious facilities for the well-to-do in the early to mid-1900s.


When the young teenager Mitch moved up the canyon in the 1960s with his family Frida was still the owner and operator of the Ranch. He met and worked for Frida in exchange for a pony whom he rode around the canyon through his youth. This inspired a deep love of the area and the desire to bring his own family back to the same canyon. 

Emma and Alec - Mitch and Julie's children were raised on the same piece of property that once belonged to Frida when Mitch bought the property next door in the 80s and Fridas' old property later on.

For the past 30 years, the property has been our home and private oasis. We are excited to be returning the property to its roots as a place to welcome guests to experience the peaceful and restorative nature of the area.

Wildlife Facts
  • The Manastash Creek flows through the property.

  • It's a transition zone for wildlife.

  • Deer, Cougars, Bobcats, Wild Turkeys, and so many more are seen regularly around the property.

  • Bird watchers have a perfect view from the cabins to see a multitude of species, including Blue Heron, Geese, Ducks, Hummingbirds, Hawks, Owls, and Bald Eagles.

Meet the Team

Mitch and Julie

Owners &



Floral & Retail

Team Member


Owner & General Manager


Airbnb Manager


Nursery Manager &

Garden Designer


Airbnb & Retial

Team Member


Floral Shop Owner &

Retail Designer

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